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Ford Transit Conversions

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Take control of your journey with a van that can adapt to your changing lifestyle. Bridge Bound Campers are modular, configurable vans suited for daily driving, trips to the hardware store, weekend adventures, or full-time living.

US DOT compliant seats and folding seat/beds with ISOFIX

Removable seats and bed platform

Highest quality components throughout

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Your Adventure Begins Today

Bridge Bound Campers are compact camper vans built on the 130” or 148” wheelbase Ford Transit mid-roof cargo van with optional AWD. Base model vans can be customized to suit your needs then reconfigured to accommodate lifestyle changes or new members of the family.

130" wheelbase

The 130” wheelbase places the value on mobility and simplicity. The tight turning radius is suitable for squeezing into city parking spots or between boulders and trees when going off-road. This is the van of choice for single remote workers or
adventure couples that utilize the 54 cubic feet of garage space for mountain
bikes and climbing gear.

148" Wheelbase

The 148” wheelbase is the ultimate multi-use adventure van. Compact enough to use as a daily driver but with the additional length that allows for a full-height pantry and safe seating and sleeping for four. This rig can handle it all from dropping the kids at school to weekend camping trips or full-time van life.

Serving the van life community

Bridge Bound Campers offers installation and repair services for van lifers and DIY’ers including 12v lithium electric, solar, window, fan, flare, and furnace installation.

12v lithium and solar installation and repair

Window, fan, and flare installation

Certified Webasto furnace repair and installation

Transit, Sprinter, and Promaster specialists

Built for your journey

Live a life without limits in a van that can adapt to your own adventure. Learn more, then start building yours today.

Bridge Bound Campers are built exclusively on the 130” or 148” wheelbase Ford Transit mid-roof cargo van with optional AWD. We cannot build on the high or low roof, passenger van, crew van, extended length, or dual-wheel model Transits. 

  1. Buy directly off our lot. We are a licensed recreational vehicle dealer so we can build then sell the finished product. These are sold for cash only (no financing unless customer-arranged through a third-party lender).
  2. Order one through our local Ford Dealer. Mountaineer Ford in Beckley, WV offers our customers preferred pricing, and they work closely with us on ordering. For qualified customers, they will also offer financing for the total cost of the van including the conversion. The benefit of ordering a new van is that you can choose your options like exterior color, comfort package, engine type, etc. This can be done remotely so that you don’t have to visit us, or the Ford dealer, until it’s time to pick up your completed van.
  3. Bring us a used Ford Transit. We can do this conversion on any year/mileage van, but we recommend buying as new as budget allows to get the most life out of your investment. Note that older model stock Transits come with a parking brake that prevents the driver seat from swiveling. We can add an aftermarket swivel to the passenger seat, but not the driver seat.

The base model conversion costs $25,750 (not including the cost of the van). This includes the full exterior and interior conversion including windows, roof rack, insulation, wall paneling, Travois Profloor, and lithium electrical system. From here, the cost will depend on your layout and what additional components are chosen. Each cabinet and component is a separate module with its own price tag. Finding your final cost is as easy as going through our build sheet, checking boxes, then adding to find the total. If everything we offer is chosen at current pricing, the cost will not exceed $60,000.

Our build time from start to finish is 6-8 weeks. That does not include our lead time which varies depending on how many orders are in queue as well as global supply chain issues and materials shortages. The automotive industry has been dramatically impacted by Covid so be prepared to wait if you place an order with Ford, or pay a premium if you can find one on a lot. Check with us for current lead times.

Bridge Bound Campers are basic campervans with no dedicated wet bath. Our vans prioritize compact size, efficient use of space, and ample storage. To us, the bathroom is what differentiates a campervan from an RV. We also realize that some people need a place to pee indoors. We can add a small cassette toilet that can be easily stowed.

We designed our campervans to be “right” for most people looking for a compact campervan. These vans can seat and sleep four, haul mountain bikes, act as mobile workstations, or just grocery-getters. They are suited particularly well to people that value flexibility in the design or those expecting lifestyle changes.

Perhaps the biggest benefit is the ability to easily change the design later. An adventurous couple might build it to only sleep two for their cross-country climbing trips. If they decide to have kids later, they don’t have to buy a completely new van. They can just drop in a bench seat and it’s converted for their new life.

Our top priority is putting customers in a van that is right for them and for some people our campervans just aren’t the best fit. For some tall people not being able to stand fully upright is a dealbreaker. The ceiling height is 5’9”. Others need an indoor shower and toilet. We are not afraid to talk ourselves out of a sale if an RV or competitor’s campervan is better for you.

After extensive experience with Transits, Sprinters, and Promasters, a lot of thought was put into which van to choose for our standardized camper design. There are countless reasons why we chose the Transit for this project including: reliability, affordability, ease of building, a better all-wheel-drive system than the Sprinter, and remote lock and start from anywhere via smartphone app. While the Sprinter and Promaster are also great vans, we believe the Transit is the best platform for a van build.

It’s up to you to configure your van the way you want it! Each piece of cabinetry is a separate module placed in a predetermined location that you can choose to include or not have at all. For example, the kitchen cabinet with sink is always positioned behind the driver’s seat, but you don’t have to include it if you want a utilitarian gear hauler. All of the floor-level cabinetry is located on the driver’s side leaving the passenger side open for your choice of seating and sleeping options. We offer a removable, folding platform bed, single swivel seats, and a folding seat/bed. Utilizing these components you can design your layout to accommodate a single person, or a family of four.

The Travois Profloor is the only fully insulated L-track floor system available. It’s comprised of 1” of foam insulation sandwiched between an aluminum sheet and durable vinyl-covered plywood. Our custom-ordered floors are CNC cut in Europe with three lengths of inlaid L-track positioned specifically for our design. The L-track provides a secure mounting system for the Travois folding seat/beds and single swivel seats. These seats are removable and can slide forward and back on the L-track to be positioned right where you want them. For example, you can slide the bench seat all the way forward so you can reach your kids while driving, then push the seat back to open up living space at your campsite. Most importantly, the Travois seating system is pull-tested and compliant with US DOT standards.

We offer two color schemes for wall fabric. A neutral two-tone light and dark gray, or a light gray with cheerful bright blue accents. The cabinetry is prebuilt to reduce build time so laminate colors are not customizable. Elements of bamboo wood and brushed aluminum along with white, black, and gray create a clean, cozy, and classy living environment.

All of our full builds start with our base package at minimum. This is important because it is the platform for all of our other components. Behind the walls are mounting points and wires for all of our available options. This makes it very easy to add things later.

We will, however, help with your DIY project regardless of van type. We will install windows, roof fans, flares, furnaces, insulation, electrical systems and more. For a complete list of our services click on the “services” tab at the top of the homepage.

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