About Bridge Bound Campers

Bridge Bound Campers is located in Fayetteville, West Virginia—the East Coast’s outdoor adventure capital. Rock climbing, white water, mountain biking, and more are just a stone’s throw away in the world famous New River Gorge. We cater to the core outdoor recreation community, converting vans and other small vehicles into adventure travel dream rigs.

Bridge Bound Campers are:

  • Simple: After numerous years of van living, we know how to create a van that provides exactly what you need for life on the road and nothing more. Simplicity is a luxury.
  • Functional: Our ergonomic and practical designs are the product of our nostalgia for old school VW camper vans, melded with the necessary gear storage capacity found in today’s modern adventure vans.
  • Affordable: Prices for a full van conversion can be as much as 50% less than what some large-scale conversion companies charge, yet we still offer comparable quality and materials. Talk to us about your budget and we’ll tailor the build to make it work.

Our priority is to build affordable campers that are attainable for the average outdoor enthusiast!

What’s in a Bridge Bound Camper?

Most of our vans incorporate a built in stove, running water, refrigerator, ceiling fan, furnace and a 12 volt electrical system that charges while driving, from solar, or from shore power. Custom cabinetry throughout is durable, utilitarian, and aesthetic. Floor, ceiling, and walls are well-insulated and can be covered with numerous materials to suit your style and budget.



Most important to our build is the overall floorplan and design. Our extensive van dwelling experience allows us to scrutinize every detail of the overall layout. We ensure that every available space is utilized and that every aspect of the living area is ergonomic.


Walls, floor, and ceiling are properly insulated with a combination of polystyrene board, spray foam, and 3M thinsulate or fiberglass batt insulation. We find this to be the most efficient and cost-effective method of creating a three or four season camper.

Heating and Cooling

Four season campers are equipped with a propane, diesel, or gas powered furnace. A 10 speed Maxxair ceiling fan with remote provides ventilation and cooling. This model of fan is superior over others because it can remain open while driving and in the rain.


Custom cabinetry is constructed with a frameless design using high-quality veneer plywood. The result is structurally sound and lightweight. The surface can be stained, painted, or laminated. The retro look of durable edge banding is a throwback to the traditional VW camper. All doors are equipped with slam latches that stay secured on even the bumpiest roads.


Our preference is to use lightweight, double-pane acrylic windows that have superior insulating properties over traditional glass windows. The awning-style windows can be locked in place with ¼” opening for security and ventilation in a driving rain. They can also fully open for egress or maximum ventilation. Retractable screens and shades are built in.


Our campers can be equipped with a fixed or removable water tank system. An electric water pump provides running water to the sink. The drain line terminates at a wingnut that can be attached to a gray water tank, or to a fitting in the cabinet wall that drains straight to the ground when boondocking. Options include outdoor-accessible spigots near the sliding or rear doors, and a cold or hot outdoor shower.


Most campers are equipped with a built in propane stove, stainless steel sink, and a super-efficient electric refrigerator. LED lights can be placed anywhere throughout the vehicle to suit the customer’s specifications. We recommend a relatively small 400-800 watt pure sine wave inverter as it’s most compatible with our standard electrical package, and sufficient for charging phones, laptops, and camera equipment.

Interior surfaces

Walls and ceiling are covered with ¼” plywood that can be stained or painted for those on a budget, or covered with interweave fabric for a professional finished look. We recommend a durable vinyl flooring but can also utilize more cost-effective solutions or outsource immaculate custom hardwood.


We install marine-quality electrical systems using duplex wire and waterproof wire connectors. The standard auxiliary battery bank offers 200 amp hours of AGM battery isolated from the starter battery. The system charges from the vehicle’s alternator when the engine is running, from 200 watts of rooftop solar panels, or from 110 volt shore power. This provides enough power for worry-free operation of the DC fridge, furnace, fan, LED lights, inverter, and all other appliances.

Who we are:

Owner Mike Williams’ 1986 VW Westy landed here for the first time nearly twenty years ago. A dedicated rock climber, he spent seven rent-free years traveling the US and climbing before finally having his own driveway in America’s “coolest small town.” He is the author of the two volume “New River Rock,” a climbing guidebook for the New River Gorge region, and has made a living off of his two passions—rock climbing and van dwelling. He’s often pondered, “Do I live in a van so that I can rock climb, or do I rock climb so that I can live in a van?”


I love my van! The inside is beautiful and utilitarian! It is sturdy and intuitive! Working with Mike was easy and fun! He had done so much research about design and the best materials and appliances! It took out the guesswork for me. He has lived out of a van he built out and really has a feel for what you need, want, and what you can comfortably do without. There was a nice back and forth while he was designing the layout. He gives a lot of options without being pushy! He also got the project done way quicker than I thought! And when I have questions about my van I just text him and he is prompt about answering! I took it out and to Utah and it was everything I could have wanted and more! I never thought I would have such a nice camper van! Mike really hooked it up!!!! Alex R.

Getting Started

Call us or stop by and bang on the big garage door. We love to talk about vans and are excited to hear your ideas. We can help you pick one of our standard floor plans, tweak it to suit your needs, or completely start from scratch for a custom build. We’ve worked with many types of vehicles and can find creative solutions for your unique lifestyle. We even found room for a sleeping platform and storage system in a Honda Fit! Or maybe you just need help with one aspect of your DIY project? We can do big jobs, small jobs, repairs, renovations or just offer guidance on your path toward the freedom of the open road. Call us for a free consultation and estimate.

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